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Lubricating Drops

In mild cases occasional use of lubricant drops is all that is needed.   These solutions come in small bottles.

Blink Tears ®  / Genteal ® / Refresh Tears ®    /  Systane Ultra ®  / Tears Naturale II ® / TheraTears

There are some lubricant drops that contain additional ingredients in them that possibly makes them more effective.

Refresh Optive ® This product seems to prvide relief for a longer period than the Refresh product

Tears Naturale - Forte ®  This product  contains 3 ingredients that work together to lock in moisture

Tears Naturale - Bion ® This product is unique in that it contains zinc and bicarbonate which some people thinks helps.

Systane Balance ® This product is especially designed for dry eyes caused by meibomianitis

Non-preserved lubricating drops .

If drops are needed several times a day the chemical preservative in the drop can sometimes cause problems.  These medications are in single use plastic vials.  In most cases the above listed products are ok to use several times a day, but many other products and many store brands can cause problems.

Refresh Plus ® /  Refesh Classic ® /  Refresh Optive Sensitive ® /  Systane Ultra NP ® / Theratears NP ®

Lubricating gels .

Gels provide relief for a longer period of time, but may blur vision some.

Blink Gel ®  /  Genteal Eye Gel ® / Refresh Liquigel ® / Celluvisc ® / TheraTears Liquid Gel ®

Lubricating ointments .

In severe cases lubricant ointments are used at bedtime.  They significanty blur vision.

Refresh P.M. ®  /  Lacri-lube ®

Eyelid cleaners .

Often dry eyes is caused by a condition called meibomianitis.  This is a very common condition in which the oil glands in the eyelids plug up.  When this happens, there is not enough oil floating on the tears and they rapidly evaporate leading to dry eyes.  Eyelid cleaners and the application of warmth to open thoses glands can be very helpful.

OcuSOFT Lid Scrub Pre-Moistened Pads / OcuSOFT Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

In more moderate and severe cases these OTC lubricant drops may not provide enough relief.  Other options include:

Punctal occlusion.

Punctal occlusion is a simple, painless procedure that blocks the tear drainage ducts with little plugs so the tears do not drain away as fast.

•  Restasis ®.

This is a prescription medication that can help many people with moderate to severe dry eyes. Instead of providing lubrication to the eyes. it actually treats the condition by promoting better quality tears.

Lotemax ® .

This is a steroid eye drop that may be used for a short time in very severe dry eye conditions.

Doxycycline ®.

This is an oral antibiotic which can improve the function of the oil glands