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This patient knew his diabetes wasn't well controlled but he thought his eyes were OK still.

This patient is a 46 year old caucasion male.  His chief complaint was blurred vision with his reading glasses.  He had seen several physicians regarding his diabetic medications over the last two years, but the glucose level was still elevated.  A dilated eye examination was unremarkable in both eyes.

However digital photographs revealed some new evidence that was not noted in the traditional examination.  Digital photographs can be easily enlarged many time allowing detection of very small findings that might not be seen with traditional examination techniques.  He has early Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (NPDR).

If the digital photographs were not taken those findings would probably not have been seen untill the condition worsened.   Now that he knows that his vision is threatened he will be more motivated to control the diabetes better.

Picture of eye with diabetic retinopathy
Enlarged view:
Picture of eye with diabetic retinopathy